Using a budget to plan your spending and sticking to it not only helps make ends meet, but it enables you to reach your goals for the short, medium and long term. Money is required to acquire many things in life and this action entails saving if you want to avoid too much debt.  Plan within your budget the €s you wish to save for to be able to meet your goals and make sure that on the first day of the month the amount you allocate for a specific goal goes to a specific account – a holiday; short terms goals account, a private pension plan; a long term goal – retirement.  Use our tailored ĠEMMA calculators to help you plan your savings.

  • Savings calculator
  • Wedding budget calculator
  • Festive season calculator
  • My baby planner calculator
  • My debt affordability calculator
  • My travel calculator
  • My Latte tracker
  • My back to school calculator.