Various budget measures are in place that affect pension, allowing pensioners to increase their annual pension income.

Contributions paid after the original pension issue date, up to age 65 are considered thus increase the contribution average, hence better the pension rate.

Top-Up pegged to the Postponement of Pension beyond the age of 61

Self-Occupied Person can pay for the last 5 years by the last 5 years payment concession
Anyone 59 years of age and over, and in employment can pay up to 260 retro contributions by Budget Measures 2015

  • Service pension abatement

Arrears for MG employees with Service Pension emerge due to 1) service pension abatements as per budget speeches 2) Budget Measure 2019 that states that While the exempted sum (service pension abatements) has now risen to €2,466, for those service pensioners aged 72 years and over, their commuted service pension will be decreased by 75%, in that 75% will ignored and only 25% will be considered. Up to 2018, 50% was ignored.