Children will explore how healthy money choices can impact their bodies, minds and finances.

The educational game Money Monsters teaches children how to make healthy money choices. It shows children the direct link between money management and wellbeing (health and happiness). The monster Nugget can earn money by going to work and can choose how to spend the money earnt which affects his health and happiness. Depending on Nuggets healthy money choices throughout his life he can either win and retire as a healthy happy monster or lose with a lot of debt and even end up in jail miserable.

The Challenge

ĠEMMA is challenging children to use the Money Monster Nugget to create something that helps people take care of their money and their well-being by making healthy money decisions. They can present their idea in any way they wish as long as their entry is uploaded onto our website. These could include a poster, a comic strip, a board game, a story or an article.

ĠEMMA would like the children to be as creative as possible using Nugget and his friends as the main actor.