Whilst ĠEMMA actively seeks engagement and constructive discussion on the content it posts on social media or as forwarded to it on its e-mail address gemma@gov.mt the language applied must be considerate, polite, mannerly and respectful.

Any correspondence that is rude, abusive, impolite, insulting, uncivil, discourteous, and inconsiderate will be deleted.  The sender will receive a mail from ĠEMMA informing him or her that such correspondence is unprofessional and unacceptable and that ĠEMMA will take action including but not limited to:

  1. It will not enter in any correspondence with the sender.
  2. The send will be de-registered from ĠEMMA’s mailing subscription.
  3. The e-mail address of the sender will be blacklisted.

In the event of hostile or harassing behaviour ĠEMMA reserves the right to take legal action.

The ĠEMMA team thanks you for your understanding.