Tackle Your Debt

When entering in debt, you are making a commitment to repay the loaned amount, over a certain period of time, with the addition of interest. It is critical that debt payments are affordable, on time and that they will not significantly impact your lifestyle.

Through the links below you can find some resources that go in more detail on how you can manage your debt.

Empower Your Finances with Our New Debt Management Section

We’re excited to introduce the Debt Management Section on our website. Our comprehensive Debt Management Section is your destination for practical information on effective debt management. Discover budgeting tips and advice on debt management through these articles that will greatly help your day-to-day debt management. Understanding and managing debt is key to achieving financial well-being.…

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Loans and Debt

What is a loan? A loan is an arrangement under which a lender allows another party the use of funds in exchange for an interest payment and the return of the funds at the end of the lending arrangement. Generally when we speak about a loan we are referring to a sum of money that…

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Understanding Debt

This is one of the videos we have produced with the Central Bank of Malta in our budgeting series. Watch the Central Bank of Malta and ĠEMMA Video on ‘Managing your debt’ below or follow this link to watch it on YouTube. View this ĠEMMA video by clicking on the above  and learn more about…

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Paying Off your debt

The first step is to check how much debt you have, and what sort it is. The high-interest debt costing you the most is the priority, not the no- or low-interest stuff. Loans that don’t charge high interest or fees are okay for now you should consider as a lower priority. It is s the…

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Getting your debt under control

The following are ĠEMMA tips directed to help you to get your debt under control. 01. Get a clear understanding of what monies you owe. This is the first step – taking stock.  Put together a clear picture of your debts as well as (a) the minimum monthly repayment obligations.  Include credit cards, loan repayments,…

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