Retirement and Pensions

Planning for retirement is crucial, as it significantly affects your financial stability in later years. By initiating early and consistently saving, you can secure a comfortable lifestyle, guaranteeing peace of mind and independence during your golden years.

Through the links below you can find some articles that go in more detail on how you can learn more about pensions and your retirement.

Private Pensions – A Summary

Malta, like many other countries is facing challenges due to its aging population and this is increasing the burden on the state pension system. Starting a private pension plan is becoming increasingly important to secure an adequate standard of living after retirement. Private pension plans might offer tax rebates and financial security without affecting the…

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What is the difference between a ‘With Profits’ and a ‘Unit Linked’ Investment?

Life Insurance companies generally offer two types of investment vehicles. These are called with profits investments and unit linked investments. But what are the main differences between these two? With Profits A with profits investment is generally a capital guaranteed investment and builds its value from annual bonuses paid by the insurance company. These bonuses…

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Maltese State Pension

If you are born after 1962, the statutory retirement age in Malta is 65 years. In Malta you are entitled for a state pension if you are in employment (or self-employed) and pay a social security contribution. If you are born after 1969, there must be at least 41 years of contributions to receive a…

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Private Pension Plans: Key Rules

Private pension products available in Malta are governed by rules established by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). We have prepared a summary of the current rules & tax measure incentives on private pension plans: Your contributions towards a private pension plan are eligible for a tax credit of 25%, up to a maximum set…

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Understanding Retirement

It’s important to take the time to understand the various aspects and issues of retirement. A deeper understanding of retirement realities and current and future possibilities, taking into account our needs and wants, will enable us to have a better picture and successfully plan the best course of action for a comfortable retirement. Your Life…

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