This scholastic year ĠEMMA Money Challenge has focused on the current state of affairs in our surrounding world with the theme ‘Build your Future, Be Smart about Money’.

The aim of this challenge is to encourage school organisations to participate in a healthy educational competition to increase the awareness of financial knowledge amongst students and parents. The schools will compete against each other for the best creative and most impactful project.


“Build your future, be smart about money”

The theme captures the importance of thinking about one’s own future when making financial decisions. This theme not only prompts young people to be forward-thinking but also encourages flexibility for participating schools when planning their activities, for example to address issues such as sustainability, digitalisation of financial services, barriers to financial decisions, equal access to financial education, services and advice etc.,


ĠEMMA is challenging schools to be creative in their approach to the theme and to create a project that has both an educational and social impact. The schools will participate by submitting a 10-minute video on their project where they would talk about the following key areas:

  • How they came up with the project
  • Its applicability to society
  • What they learnt about financial literacy